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Kunturweb is a project born from my passion for everything is concerned with history and culture of pre-Columbian civilizations. In this site you will find a part of the stuff I collected during my travels (both real and virtual).

Kuntur is the quechua name for the Andean Condor (Vultur Gryphus); Web is a synonymous of World Wide Web or WWW.

Kunturweb does not receive any external funding, nor hosts advertisements from third-party in his web pages.


In 2009 I contributed to the translation of the online dictionary runasimi.txt into italian language. It is freely downloadable from internet site Runasimi.de logo RUNASIMI.DE. The dictionary is a real electronic "Rosetta Stone"; it contains Quechua and Ayamara languages and dialects, as well as translations in the main European languages.

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