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Quechua is a South American language, spoken by 10 milions of people. It originated in the central region of the Andes long before the Incas, who adopted it as the official language of their empire (the Tawantinsuyo).

Quechua is a regular agglutinative language (a bit like German), with a syntactic subject-object-verb (a bit like Latin), but with some complications and verb forms that express even the sensations and the way they are performed).

In this section I collect some information (books, articles, links) regarding the history and culture of the Andean people, who speak Quechua.

Most of the links is in the public domain, or "literary and other works of the spirit or of art, which, after a period of time determined by law, cease to be property of the authors or their heirs".

In addition, the electronic stuff presented in these pages is NOT my property, nor is hosted on this site (i.e. they are links to files provided by libraries, associations, other web pages).

However, in case you find some sort of violation of copyright, please let me know by writing an email

The works are in Spanish, Quechua, and English. Suggestions of other links are always welcome.



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Dictionaries, vocabularies, grammars and all that is concerned with quechua learning.

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  • Dictionaries
  • Vocabularies
  • Quechua
  • Runasimi
  • Aymara
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Tales, poems, novels and authors of South American literature, pre and post Spanish Conquest, who wrote something in quechua language.

  • Literature
  • Poems
  • Tales
  • Novels
  • South America
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Chroniclers of the Indies

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Chroniclers of South America, before and after Spanish Conquist. Collection of books of the chroniclers of the Americas, translations and essays.

  • Chroniclers
  • Chroniclers of the Indies
  • pre-Columbian civilizations
  • Incas
  • Spanish Conquest
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